Engineered Flooring in a Condo at 4k spadina

2014 in Review: Condo Flooring Trends

Welcome to the end of a year folks, glad to have everybody. We have an excited year end release for our readers today about construction & maintenance, some new news about the year in review: Flooring trends for all those high rise towers littered everywhere downtown.

There’s four types of flooring that dominates condos these days

Hardwood – Hardwood typically seems to be reserved for the ultra luxury builders, like those up in yorkville. You don’t see too many condos in the fin. district & fashion district going up with hardwood floors in them, seems like it’s just too expensive.

Laminate – Laminate flooring you’ll find is the new norm for builders like Tridel. The quality is just brutal, they put up condos as quick & cheap as they can. The builders fail to realize that people want quality condos, not a couple thousand dollars off the price tag. At the end of the day, these big tower (Filing cabinets as my step daughter calls them) have to be homes to many people.

Engineered – Engineered is sort of the mid-standard for builders downtown, yeah you won’t find Engineered flooring in CityPlace (unless someone upgrades in City place.. but who does that right)

Builders in the financial district like 10 York for example, that’s a new condominium that is coming up with Engineered flooring or so I’ve heard!! It’s kind of exciting I guess. I think the top 3-4 floors PH/UPH/LPH will hopefully be either underlay or hardwood

Underlay – Underlay is a tough one, you don’t really find this in Condos anymore. It used to actually be the industry norm, but quickly became obsolete after engineered came out.

Engineered Flooring in a Condo at 4k spadina

A picture of a engineered flooring in 4k Spadina Condo unit

Check these 4k spadina condos out.

For those of you who don’t know, 4k is a condo building at city place. It sucks, CityPlace is quite litterally referred to as “ShittyPlace”, or so I’ve heard. This isn’t what you want, I would always stick to either engineered & hardwood flooring if you’re going for luxury or not piece-of-crap look 

I was speaking to the owner of Global Alliance wholesale flooring company based in Ontario, they supply a lot of the buildings around Toronto (Condos & especially newer offices coming up) with flooring supplies to do the contracting.  He was saying that he’s seen on average a 2.1% increase in engineered year after year, which worries me.

Are condo builders going towards cheap over quality?

Let us know what you think in the comments below

How to cheat online poker

How I Learned to Cheat at Poker Then Started Cheating Online

Ok, sure this post’s a little off topic – but it is what lead into my career

There are different types of online games that are in demand for people that arouses excitement and fun in their life. One of common and popular online games that people are really fond to play is online poker. This highlights great excitement and thrill to all the players who really wanted to win the game. Poker is an online game that is still part of card games that involves individual plays and betting wherein the winner is primarily determined with the combination and rank of their cards.

Poker is really an exciting and fun online game that highlights thrills on how to get hold of high card combination and ranks. But, players cannot remove the fact that cheat on this type of game is always evident especially to those who are really craving for poker wins. Cheating at online poker is a type of behavior that highlights techniques and strategies that are already outside of the game rules. These cheats are intended for those players who wanted to offer unfair advantage to poker players.

How to Cheat At Online Poker

There are different types of cheats in online poker that players need to be familiar with. This is very essential in order to make sure that you can win this online game easily and conveniently without being unfair to the other poker players.  Cheating in online poker can be done in different ways that includes collusion, using of physical objects such as holdout devices as well as marked cards. You may also used sleight of hand when cheating in poker games.

Most of the cheatings in poker games occurs in casino games and even in friendly games. These games may operate alone or even in teams.  To give you an idea as to how you are going to cheat at online poker, here are the lists of some common cheats in poker and these are as follows:

  • Card Mechanic

This is a poker cheat that is highly specialized with the manipulation of the cards with sleight hands. This is also known as card sharp cheat that is commonly used by poker players.

  • Paper Player

This is a card cheat that exploits using of marked cards in the game.

  • Machine Player

Machine player cheat is commonly done by players who use mechanical type of holdouts in cheating.

  • Hand Mucker

Hand mucker cheat is an online poker cheats that highlights switching of cards.

  • Base Dealer

This is also known as second dealer of bottom dealer cheats that relies on two essential methods that manipulates the use of the cards while playing the game.

  • Double Deal

This is a cheat where both the players acquire one round of card deal from each other.

These are the types of cheats that you need to be familiar with when playing online poker. Familiarizing such type of cheats is very essential in order to make sure of winning over your opponent of the game.  There are still other types of poker cheats you need to be familiar with the will provide bridge towards cheating in different types of online games. But, if possible to make the game more organized and fair to every player, spare time and effort to create your own gaming strategy and technique and prevent online cheats to occur.









Html tutorial

Why SEO Should and Shouldn’t Be the Main Focus of your Marketing Business

Business owners usually find themselves torn between various marketing strategies. While there are several traffic sources available, many still don’t know which source would work well for them and bring positive results. Small and medium organizations don’t have the marketing prowess huge multinational businesses possess and would turn to the source that won’t cost them a lot. This is the reasons why they go for SEO, but is this strategy really worth investing your resources and time in? For you to determine whether SEO should be the main focus of your marketing business, it’s best to weigh all its pros and downsides first.


SEO delivers a constant flow of targeted traffic for free

Millions of searches are done every day. SEO services can help you tap into this source of free and targeted traffic. Any cost spent will be significantly reduced if you perform other SEO activities such as content generation and link building.

SEO boost the exposure of your business

People use the web to find a solution to their concern. In their search, they click on different links, boosting the possibility of your business being seen.

SEO makes you an authority in your niche

Great website content and a strong web presence can help you attain good ranking positions. Good ranking can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and get the trust of your audience, leading to bigger possibilities of conversions.

SEO can help with the growth of your business

SEO is profitable as it plays a huge role in securing an excellent web presence, letting your business achieve increased visibility up to fifty-nine percent of consumers who are using search engines to search for a local business. Remember that without web visibility, your targeted consumers won’t find you. Search engine optimization guarantees that this won’t happen and helps you attain a strong presence on the web that will lead to better business growth.


Results are not immediate

Maybe the most obvious downside of SEO is the slow time-frame for producing positive results. Search engine optimization involves getting contents indexed by search engines that could take weeks, hours or days. If you’re looking for immediate results, then SEO might not be your best choice.

SEO is not sustainable

SEO isn’t what it used to be. The same tactics and methods that provided results a few years ago will lead you to nothing, but the last pages of search results today. Having a sustainable SEO strategy is your best bet to benefit from this traffic source.

SEO gives no assurance for results

Landing on the first search pages is one of the goals you should try to attain with SEO. This matters as 75 percent of search users will probably never scroll past the first page and ignore the remaining pages. Search engine optimization gives no assurance that you’ll land in the first page of SERPs using your keywords.


SEO is not dead and remains as the number one traffic source for many websites. It should still be part of your marketing campaign, but the reasons presented here will provide you with a much better insight on how you can use SEO in a much better way. This will help you decide whether to focus all your efforts on this strategy or to keep a balance between search engine optimization and other marketing tools to achieve your business goals.


John from learning press: Creating a Basic Website Tutorial

Many individuals these days are lured to create their own websites, either for personal or professional purposes. Creating a website seems to be an easy task, provided that you are armed with technical knowhow and skills. There are many aspects and factors that you need to consider and learn to ensure that creating a website will be a success. The very first thing you need to learn when creating a website is basic HTML. You also need to be familiar with the ways on how to write HTML because you will need this in the process of creating your website.

What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and this is a bunch of text that is saved as document type that the browser identifies as utilizing HTML. In case you view an image on a particular web page, it is simply referenced in the HTML text and not included physically as part of the specific file. HTML provides text-based instructions that web browsers can clearly interpret. This is facilitated by encapsulating the text in tags of the page.

These tags are also utilized to tell web browsers to perform things like adding line breaks, displaying images and more. Moreover, HTML can also be styled using Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. Before creating a site, you have to learn and keep in mind that HTML is a set of given instruction for your web browser that you are actually going to write.

How to Write HTML

Many individuals live a part of their life over the internet and whether they are developing web pages for additional income or simply want to create a site, having a clear understanding about HTML is a great advantage. So in order to create a website successfully, the most important things that you need to familiar with are basic of HTML and how to write HTML.

These days, it has become easier to establish web presence using a personal and exclusive landing page or social media but if you seriously need to create your own site, you need to learn more about CSS and HTML. You will need a plain and simple text editor to be able to write HTML, your preferred choice to be able to test and check your HTML and the desire to improve your knowledge on how the web actually works. As you see, you really do not need too much to get started.

The text editor is what you need to write Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML. There are several text editors available that you can use. You just have to keep in mind that some editors are free while other carries a specific price tag. Text editors display several features that can help you make website creation more effective and successful. Once you have learned ways on how to write HTML, you can surely expect for easier process of creating your site. You can now build a website that you can use to achieve your goals be it personal of professional goal.